Server Authentication Changes Bumped 10 months ago

Hello, As many of you may be aware, our servers experienced some technical difficulties during last week's CS club meeting. One of the sources of this cascade of issues is that in the past, we stored user data on Firebase (things like authentication, etc), and as our server grew, we found the need to store data on our own databases as well. Synchronization issues between a database within our server and one run on a trusted third-party software are likely the source of most if not all of these issues. To address this failure, we have decided to move all of our storage to our own database. Consequentially, authentication must be redone, and because neither Firebase nor WCICS ever stored your passwords in any files, we have zero access at all to your password from before. Thus, we reset all of the passwords to a temporarily secure random string. You should have received an email with your new temporary password, which you are advised to change immediately for security and because it is unnecessary to try to remember a random string that long. If you did not receive an email, please email us at [email protected], comment on this post, ask us next week, or contact us through other means. (Not receiving an email likely means that the email address you provided was invalid - this is one of the primary importances in verifying your email, because it allows us to confirm that your email address is functional). We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. All information on which problems you have solved, you profile picture and description, and all other data excluding your password have been retained, so the transition is as seamless as we could have designed it with limited foresight. We appreciate your understanding. -- Alexander Liao, Keenan Gugeler, and Thomas Ingram