ECOO Computing Competition Posted 5 months ago

Hello Coders, I hope you enjoyed a relaxing March Break and are excited to partake in another coding competition: the ECOO computing competition! Note that the ECOO competition is *free* for all. The ECOO competition is a team coding competition with teams of 4. If you do not have enough members to form a group of 4, do not worry, as we will attempt to place you into teams of 4 where the gender and grade are similar. You are welcome to register as any number of people up to 4. Please fill out [this form]( ASAP so that we can begin forming teams. Only one group member need register their team. The competition will take place on this Friday, March 22nd, and it will be in room 416. It will take place starting at 8:15 and will go for 3 hours. This coming Wednesday, during CS club, we will be going over rules and tips for ECOO, as well as putting you into teams and doing a practice round. Please ensure that atleast one of your group members can make it, or [contact us]( if you cannot. You can find more information on [ECOO's website]( We hope you will take part in this competition, and we look forward to seeing you wednesday! -- Keenan on behalf of the WCICS Leaders