Math Contest Information Bumped 10 months ago

Hello everyone, Even though this *is* **Computer Science** Club, math contests are still good to write because many of those mathematics skills apply to computer programming, and good results from math contests can be deciding factors for acceptance into many universities (notable the UW) for Engineering and Mathematics (Computer Science is in the Mathematics Faculty at UW). I've added all of the (open) math contests that will be running at WCI this year to the Google Calendar. Information for the closed ones (like CTMC or AIME) will be given to those to which it is relevant when the time comes. You can also check out the list of contests this year on WCI's site [here]( Registration and payment can be made on school-day. To find out more information on how to do math contests and to learn new math skills that will be useful for your future in math, math contests, and computer programming, consider joining WCI's Math Club, which runs in room 403 every Tuesday at lunch (note: not run by anyone associated with CS club's administrative team). -- Alexander Liao, Keenan Gugeler, and Thomas Ingram