October 24th meeting Posted 10 months ago

Hello all, A reminder that we are meeting after school tomorrow in room 218. The Beginner class will be doing: - [Arrays and Lists](https://wcics.club/lesson/data-structures/arrays+lists) - [Linked Lists](https://wcics.club/lesson/data-structures/linked-lists) The Intermediate class will be doing: - [Computational Complexity](https://wcics.club/lesson/miscellaneous/computational-complexity) - [Problem Approach](https://wcics.club/lesson/miscellaneous/problem-approach) Additionally, due to a mandatory Cross Country meeting immediately after school on Wednesday, Keenan will be late by around 10-15 minutes to the intermediate section. Alex will provide the attendance code to the intermediate section and you can use this time to get set up, submit attendance, etc. The presentations are in our google drive folder. Our lessons are on the site. We look forward to seeing you after school! -- Keenan Gugeler and Alexander Liao